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 Public Comments on Revised Language Table (Dot Pakistan)

Request for Public Comments on Revised Language Table for IDN ccTLD (Dot Pakistan)

Ministry of IT, Government of Pakistan, is launching پاکستان. Top Level Domain (TLD) to allow for Pakistani communities to be able to register and use internationalized domain names (IDNs) in their native languages, promoting access to online content in local languages. National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC) is designated as a registry operator for the management of the registry.

In 2010, based on a series of open public consultations, the competent forum approved the IDN table, including the set of characters required to represent languages of Pakistan. However, due to additional recommendations of the international community, necessary amendments have been made. The multi-stakeholder Main Technical Committee regarding National Internet Registries, in its meeting held on 5th April, 2017, reviewed the IDN table and directed to seek comments of general public and the internet community on this revised IDN table, placed at register.ntc.net.pk/downloads.php through advertisement in press media.

In view of the above, this advertisement seeks valuable input on the revised IDN table proposed to be used for پاکستان. , the IDN ccTLD registry for Pakistan, within 15 days from the date of publication via e-mail (idntable@ntc.net.pk; idntable@moitt.gov.pk)

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