NTC has a definite mandate to provide basic telecommunication services to its designated customers, which include Federal and Provincial Governments, their departments, autonomous organizations and defense services throughout the country.

NTC Making committed efforts to provide following state-of-the-art communication solutions using third genration IP Voice & Data Networking.

    Multi-Services Data Network:

  • Web Hosting facility
  • Electronic mail platform
  • Dialup Internet Access, DDP, ISDN
  • Co-Location
  • Virtual Private Networking
  • Video Conferencing facility
  • Broad Band Internet Access
  • Intranet Solutions
  • Radio/Wireless Networking Solution
  • Lease Line Services
  • Customized Data Solutions
As major autonomous bodies and corporate clients are becoming aware of the vulnerabilities of Internet and the threats associated with it in exchanging sensitive data, Intranet is becoming popular with each passing day. Now corporates want to make transactions with complete sense of security and confidentiality. Using broadband network NTC is providing complete Intranet solutions with amalgam of technologies naming Dxx, DSL and ATM, which provides complete network solution to your door steps



NTC has now embarked on the challenging industry of Telecommunications in Pakistan thereby offering Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) Services (ADSL/G.SHDSL/HDSL) over the existing phone lines. These High-Speed digital communication services will go a long way in meeting the overdue demand of our Government, Educational and Business community in resolving the “last mile/local loop” issues. With NTCs DSL service, it is possible to receive high data rates at low cost and optimum performance. A DSL line can carry both data and voice signals and the data part of the line is continuously connected.
Integrated Services Digital Network, or ISDN in short, is essentially a network of fast and highly reliable connections that bring voice, data and video together all on one digital line. Besides individual users, the NTC-ISDN service also suits corporate users with a small LAN and who are looking for low-cost network access to the Internet. With its dial-on-demand technology, it automatically drops a connection after a pre-defined amount of idle time, and reconnects when you wish to reaccess the Internet. That's a lot of time, not to mention money, saved. With the personal NTC-ISDN service, it is possible to access the internet using both ISDN and analogue phone lines.
Keeping in view, the requirement of internet making it a commodity in today’s world NTC embarked upon the mission to provide low price quality access to the Cyber world and set up top of the notch Access Servers in collaboration with custom made billing and accounting system. At this moment NTC’s dialup service is available to all the government functionaries across Pakistan. With clear pipe IPLCs users always get the smooth Internet surfing experience at virtually no cost
Web Hosting
اNTC Power Platform Hosting Solutions meet specific hosting requirements by simplifying the challenges of any configuration. Our Hosting and Access Solutions provide the service, flexibility, reliability and responsiveness need to satisfy all clients requirements, business and technical. NTCs reliable platform gives access to database development tools such as Active Server Pages (ASP), MS Access, My SQL, ,PhP,MS-SQL server, Oracle Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) support and helps clients to get the most from latest in Web-authoring excellence.
Video Conferencing
NTC, has completed this challenging project which is directly related to overall objectives of IT Action plan and the concept of E-Governance. NTC has deployed state of the art hardware and designed a scalable network by means of which fast, reliable, secure and real time access will be possible between the top Federal and Provincial Government officials for better and closer communication without physical displacement.


  • Basic Telephony
  • Calling Card
  • ISDN-Integrated Service Digital Network
  • BRI-Basic Rate INterface
  • PRI-Primary Rate Interface
  • Supplementry Services
  • Network Solutions for valued

Telephonic Services

اNTC has provided more than 1,05,000 working connections of telephone to its government subscribers throughout the country.

To meet the requirements of its subscribers NTC is operating following switching and transmission media services with various new installations in progress.
  • 39 main switching units.
  • 69 remote digital line units.
  • Microwave links as its long haul media.
  •       Following value added services are also planned for the users:
  • Caller line identification.
  • Call waiting.
  • Call transfer.
  • Wakeup timer.
  • Don't disturb.
  • Abbreviated dialing
  • Switched Hotline
  • Three Parties audio Conferencing
  • Universal Access Number (UAN)
    Universal Access Number (UAN) service is ideal for organizations engaged in facilitating General Public, help lines, marketing of products or services.
              List of businesses that may have UAN service
  • Government Institutes
  • United nation organizations
  • Ministries/ help lines Shipping Lines
  • Consumer Products Companies
  • Educational Institutes
  • Provincial Govt. Departments
  • Trading Companies
  • Motorway Police/FIA
  • Foreign Embassies
  • Insurance Companies
  • PTV/Radio Pakistan Stock Exchanges
  • Utility Services
  •          How it Works:

  • UAN consists of 6 digits, preceded by 3 digit code of 111, common to all UANs. Example 111 - 20 20 20.
  • UAN operates on Existing telephone connections without disturbing normal phone number
  • UAN works both in multiline PABX and multi phone connections. The incoming call hunts for a free junction or free phone connecting instantly.
  • UAN service can also be used for facsimile
    • Co-Location:

    • Space, Dishes/Antennas, Power Supply
    • Servers
    Space (Open, Covered), Dishes/Antennas on NTC Towers and AC/DC Power Supply
    NTC has its country wide Network of Microwave stations, exchanges and offices. Now NTC proffer the facility of co-location (Space, Dishes/Antennas on NTC towers, Power Supply) to Licenced Telecom Operatos to provide the facility for rapid network expansion/ Growth. Our Co-Location service supports your expanding network needs with a secure, redundant environment and provides dedicated space for your equipment. We give you a gateway to the industry’s most robust local and regional optical networks, allowing you to take advantage of the best infrastructure having secure access, redundant power supplies, fire detection systems and 24x7 support capabilities available.
    NTC has established its core setup at three prime locations. More over portals from various government, semi-government and private companies are also co-located at NTC multiple data network nodes.

      Transmission Services:

    • Dark Fiber
    • Media (Junction)
    Dark Fiber
    Bandwidth bottlenecks can slow data traffic, sometimes at the last mile. This is because most fiber optics networks do not extend all the way to the businesses in need of service. NTC provides its own metro dark fiber service laterals in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar and Sargodha and that can deliver this last mile to ensure fast connections. NTC telecom solutions will remove bandwidth as an obstacle to your growth without major capital expenditures or maintenance obligations. Now NTC lease its dark fiber pairs in the above mentioned cities. Dark fiber pair lease will be point to point for which NTC shall be responsible for maintenance of Dark Fiber.
    Media (Junction)
    A leased circuit is a dedicated link between two fixed locations for exclusive use of the customer. NTC provides leased line services to other service providers and corporate customers for interconnecting offices, mobile switches and all telecom switching and distribution equipments all over Pakistan, a leased circuit may be speech circuit, a data circuit or a telegraph circuit, the terminating equipment at both ends is telephone without dialing facility both way signaling and speech is possible. Leased line charges depend on distance or type of circuit or bandwidth.