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- National Telecom - Official IT&T Services Provider Govt. of Pakistan
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NTC has established a Multi-Services Data Network (MSDN) project for providing various data services including multi-media applications to Govt. and semi-Govt. organizations in federal / provincial capitals and other major cities of the country. MSDN is performing a multi-role action in meeting the bandwidth requirements of government & allied departments. The basic philosophy of the said network is to provide connectivity for Internet / Intranet and also be able to support Value-added services. Govt. of Pakistan is actively deliberating on launching its E-Governance program to promote information technology. Exchange of data information between ministries and their regional offices and access of information by the public is an essential element for its success. NTC Multi-Services Data Network will act as backbone to provide required connectivity.

The main objectives for implementing MSDN is to provide dedicated platform for all governmental e-enabled activities, data connectivity for other organizations like SBP, NBP, AGPR, NAB etc., ISP setup for government and semi-government organizations, video conferencing facility, intercity connectivity etc. Information from the network will be accessible through a variety of information-handling devices, such as PCs, interactive TVs, telephones, or future devices that combine the attributes of all three, as well as through wireless devices such as pagers, wireless phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and future broadband devices. NTC’s Multi-Services Data Network is designed in such a way that 06 High-End ATM Core Network Switches in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad, Peshawar & Quetta are interconnected using Optical Fibre SDH backbone on 34 Mbps(E3) while more than 30 Access Network Nodes are spread all over the country. They are connected to the nearest ATM Node either on 34 Mbps (E3) or on multiple of E1s. Moreover NTC is in the process of establishing its own transport media of 10 Gbps(DWDM) on both sides of Indus River (on existing MAIN & ALTERNATE routes) between Peshawar & Karachi. The MSDN backbone will be shifted on new media soon after its completion. The second core technology being used is Packet over Sonet (PoS) Juniper M-20 routers for exclusively routing IP traffic between three main cities Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. MSDN is a secure, well managed & state of the art technology network. A complete ISP setup is established at Islamabad while Internet and Intranet services are being offered all over the country. MSDN basic services include Dialup, ISDN, DSL, Intranet circuits, Web Hosting and E-Mail etc. Future services include Value Added Services like Personal Web Space, SMS Gateway, WAP Gateway, Fax Gateway Unified Messaging System for Voice, Electronic Telephone Directory Services, Roaming Internet Access facility, VPNs, Retrieval of E-mail on PSTN (EWSD platform) telephone connection (text to speech translation), Information about E-mail on telephone line, Dial-out on internet (VoIP) etc.


- National Telecom - Official IT&T Services Provider Govt. of Pakistan
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