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- National Telecom - Official IT&T Services Provider Govt. of Pakistan
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NTC has now embarked on the challenging industry of Telecommunications in Pakistan thereby offering Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) Services (ADSL/G.SHDSL/HDSL) over the existing phone lines. These High-Speed digital communication services will go a long way in meeting the overdue demand of our Government, Educational and Business community in resolving the “last mile/local loop” issues. With NTCs DSL service, it is possible to receive high data rates at low cost and optimum performance. A DSL line can carry both data and voice signals and the data part of the line is continuously connected.


Integrated Services Digital Network, or ISDN in short, is essentially a network of fast and highly reliable connections that bring voice, data and video together all on one digital line. Besides individual users, the NTC-ISDN service also suits corporate users with a small LAN and who are looking for low-cost network access to the Internet. With its dial-on-demand technology, it automatically drops a connection after a pre-defined amount of idle time, and reconnects when you wish to reaccess the Internet. That's a lot of time, not to mention money, saved. With the personal NTC-ISDN service, it is possible to access the internet using both ISDN and analogue phone lines.


Keeping in view, the requirement of internet making it a commodity in today’s world NTC embarked upon the mission to provide low price quality access to the Cyber world and set up top of the notch Access Servers in collaboration with custom made billing and accounting system. At this moment NTC’s dialup service is available to all the government functionaries across Pakistan. With clear pipe IPLCs users always get the smooth Internet surfing experience at virtually no cost

- National Telecom - Official IT&T Services Provider Govt. of Pakistan
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