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- National Telecom - Official IT&T Services Provider Govt. of Pakistan
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Dark Fiber

Bandwidth bottlenecks can slow data traffic, sometimes at the last mile. This is because most fiber optics networks do not extend all the way to the businesses in need of service. NTC provides its own metro dark fiber service laterals in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar and Sargodha and that can deliver this last mile to ensure fast connections. NTC telecom solutions will remove bandwidth as an obstacle to your growth without major capital expenditures or maintenance obligations. Now NTC lease its dark fiber pairs in the above mentioned cities. Dark fiber pair lease will be point to point for which NTC shall be responsible for maintenance of Dark Fiber.

Media (Junction)

A leased circuit is a dedicated link between two fixed locations for exclusive use of the customer. NTC provides leased line services to other service providers and corporate customers for interconnecting offices, mobile switches and all telecom switching and distribution equipments all over Pakistan, a leased circuit may be speech circuit, a data circuit or a telegraph circuit, the terminating equipment at both ends is telephone without dialing facility both way signaling and speech is possible. Leased line charges depend on distance or type of circuit or bandwidth.

- National Telecom - Official IT&T Services Provider Govt. of Pakistan
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